iStudyCRM is a customer relationship management system specially designed for educational agents that provide educational consulting services to students for studying abroad. This system enhances interaction and engagement with students, both current and potential, and helps to improve the quality of services provided. It is a user-friendly system that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
The iStudy CRM system does not require installation. You simply need is an internet connection to access all your data and files from your browser.
iStudyCRM comes power-packed with features like Task-Lead-Student-Application Management and many more features that any educational consultant/agent based anywhere in the world would need to successful not just run their business but also save on time, money and energy.
Yes, iStudyCRM is a software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud or on-demand CRM. This means, our clients have the full access to the database all the time wherever they are and we take all the responsibility for the seamless operation of the system and provide all the necessary system updates and support. What’s important is that cloud-based CRM software is highly scalable, which means that an organization can easily expand its functionality when business requirements grow.
No, prior experience is required in order to use the iStudy CRM system. All that is needed is a short orientation which we provide in order to familiarize users with the system.
There is no maximum limit to the number of users of the iStudy system. The system manager can add as many users as needed.
iStudyCRM is specially designed for educational consultants/agents dealing with studying abroad student recruitment services.
Yes, we provide our clients with full technical support via email and over the audio-video calls.
Yes, we provide online training during which the various features of the system are explained and any questions are answered.