Benefits of using iStudyCRM for your Educational Consultancy Business
23 Nov / 2019

Benefits of using iStudyCRM for your Educational Consultancy Business

By Jaya

A CRM system is usually used to manage customer data and is often utilized for sales management. It offers a platform for businesses to accumulate customer and prospect information, trace customer communications, as well as a platform to share such data with their colleagues. It permits businesses to administer customer relations, thus helping the business to grow.

CRM system suits all business entities, particularly an educational consultancy company. The Now, iStudyCRM is an online Customer Relationship Management system designed mainly for companies offering consulting services to students studying abroad, and is a system dedicated to carry out the work of educational consulting firms and learn about offices abroad that provide educational services.

The benefits of using iStudyCRM are that it saves effort and costs, raise the level of work efficiency, provides for easy system management and quick import and export data to the desktop.

Moreover, iStudyCRM provides around the clock service thus promoting student care, since it lets you access your work from anywhere, at any time, using any Internet-connected device.

One of the benefits of CRM system is that it allows multiple users at a time, providing you with an accurate view of every transaction that took place between the employees of the company and the students in the form of reports and statistics.

Benefits of CRM for Your Educational Business

  • Better client relationships

When you know your client better, you can give them a better service. This is exactly what happens with iStudyCRM as well.

Since the database can get you all the communication with your clients, this helps you get a better view of what approach your client would prefer, and hence leads a sure way to understand customers.

  • Increased team collaboration & greater employee satisfaction

Due to the inclusive or partly restricted access to an indefinite number of users and complete reporting along with statistics on all transactions between the staff and students, there is more collaboration within the team and this eventually leads to greater employee satisfaction.

  • Improved customer service efficiency and Lead management

Utilizing iStudyCRM system for your educational institution will drive your company to the peak of professionalism through numerous customer relationship managing channels by making it possible to effectively understand customers.

The contact manager saves client details and transactions related to them which helps to build well-built and fruitful relations and increase the chances of repeat business.

  • Increased revenue and profitability

Another of the many benefits of CRM lets you reorganize interactions between departments, develop and tailor your clients’ experience, and realize an increase in productivity and revenue.

Big or small, old or new, a CRM system can only make you grow further, increase revenue; broaden its reach and competence.

  • Cost savings

Using the iStudyCRM system is effective because it provides an inclusive and effortless way to lessen the unnecessary effort and cost of data archiving.

Moreover, using a complicated software system to handle your contacts can save you a lot of your time, effort, and increase revenue and save money in various aspects.

  • Less client attrition

If your organization is facing less customer satisfaction, more complaints and negative responses, its time you make use of the benefits of CRM system. Its targeted approach to customer experience management will boost your customer reviews before you know it.   

  • Effortless Data Transfer

Owing to its simple import and export functions, the transfer of data from iStudyCRM to other software like Excel is effortless and trouble-free.

Educational organizations get a better hand at winning new learning opportunities from the already existing customers if they use CRM because it helps understand customers better, and brings clarity to more of the upcoming opportunities.

  • Reports

With iStudyCRM, every educational institution can easily generate reports to provide full visibility into performance, and this hence improves reporting.

With such accurate reporting happening on a regular basis, it becomes easier to assert accountability and imposes fewer burdens on the team to get the daily reports done manually. You can also increase revenue by having these reports.

  • iStudyCRM means never having to worry about missing data

With every other type of software, data loss is something you will have to worry about. But not with iStudyCRM; the database keeps all your data safe and sound that you will never have to worry about any f your information being lost, stolen or deleted even by accident. 

So, these are the benefits of CRM system especially the iStudyCRM. Use them, understand customers well, improve employee satisfaction and upscale your educational consultancy business.

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