Is My Data Safe With CRM Systems?
16 Sep / 2020

Is My Data Safe With CRM Systems?

By Trevis

It is a must for the student counselors and educational agents to get the best CRM system implemented. Any abroad consult agency can use the online CRM system to store the records and manage them with ease. However, you will often worry about the security of your CRM database.

If the information that you have in the online CRM gets leaked out, you will have to face a variety of negative consequences. This will make you go against your privacy policy as well. That’s where all the educational agents and abroad consult experts must understand whether their data is safe with the CRM systems or not.

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In order to make sure that your data is safe on the online CRM system, you need to make sure that you are selecting it from a reputed service provider. That’s where iStudyCRM can help you with. It is the best CRM system available out there for you to use as of now.

Here are some of the factors that highlight why you can call iStudyCRM as the best CRM system available as of now.

  • Strong back-up policies 

The data that you upload into the iStudyCRM will be taken to the backup servers through an easy backup system. This easy backup system can be automated. Or else, you can push them manually. No matter what, the easy backup feature will make sure that backups of your data are constantly being taken and there is no need to worry about losing them.

  • Data recovery plans 

When a disaster happens, you can make sure that you can easily gain access to the data that you have. Therefore, you can keep the peace of mind while you are using the online CRM system. As an abroad consultant, you know that your business depends on the CRM database. If you lose the data in your CRM database, you will have to face numerous struggles. However, iStudyCRM will make sure that no educational agents who use the system will have to face that struggle.

  • Stronger passwords 

You will be asked to use a strong password when you are logging into the iStudyCRM. In fact, every person who logs into the system will need to use a strong password. This will help you to ensure the overall protection of your data and there is no other person to gain access to the data you have stored.

  • It adheres to data privacy policies 

Another reason available for you to call iStudyCRM as the best CRM system is that it adheres to the data privacy policies. When you are saving data, they will be encrypted. Therefore, you can adhere to the privacy policy and GDPR compliance standards at all times. This will also help you to overcome the doubts that you will have when using the online CRM for saving data.

These are all the reasons available for you to call iStudyCRM as the best CRM system. Keep these facts in your mind and start using it. All the educational agents and study consult experts will love the experience offered by this online CRM system.

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