Let's get started - How to grow your business with CRM
25 Sep / 2019

Let's get started - How to grow your business with CRM

By Jaya

What is CRM System? And what can it do for you?

CRM can be expanded into Customer Relationship Management. As the name suggests, a CRM system is usually used to manage customer data and is often utilized for sales management. A CRM system fundamentally offers a platform for businesses to accumulate customer and prospect information, trace customer communications, as well as a platform to share such data with their colleagues. It permits businesses to administer customer relations, thus helping the business to grow.

If a business entity is equipped with a CRM system, all questions, preferences, service requests and past contact details about each customer will be readily accessible. This implies that each fresh communication with the customer should always be tailored, relevant and updated.

Every phone call made, every email sent, every meeting held and every presentation made can be traced by Customer Relationship Management systems. CRM systems are also used to insert notes, plan follow-ups and arrange the next step to be taken. This is to make sure that you won’t miss out on chances to close deals.

Business organizations get a better hand at winning new business opportunities from the already existing customers if they use CRM because it helps understand customers better, and brings clarity cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Key Features of a CRM system

  • Lead Management
  • Contact Management
  • Dashboard Based Analytics
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Instant Messaging Between Employees
  • Email Tracking and Integration with Outlook and Gmail
  • File and Content Sharing
  • Increases Sales

Evaluating and comparing types of CRM systems

While assessing and contrasting CRM systems, we consider three types of CRM to consider: desktop, server, and cloud. All these three key types of CRM system include:

  • Desktop systems that run on a single computer
  • Client/server system that have a central database stored on a server
  • Cloud-based systems that are provided and hosted online by a third-party provider, accessible anywhere via a connected device

How can CRM help you grow your business

Apart from delivering actionable insights, a CRM system incorporates with social media and assists team communication. There are also cloud-based CRM systems which provide absolute mobility and admission to a system of custom-made apps.

A CRM system helps businesses grow by helping keep customer contact details updated, trace every customer communication, and administer customer accounts. It is designed to help businesses progress customer relations and Customer Lifetime Value as well. This is very important because of the huge amount of information businesses produce every day.

What can CRM do for my educational consultancy company?

A CRM system suits all business entities, particularly an educational consultancy company. Take the example of iStudyCRM. The iStudyCRM is an online Customer Relationship Management system designed mainly for companies offering consulting services to students studying abroad and is a system dedicated to carry out the work of educational consulting firms and learn about offices abroad that provide educational services.

The benefits of using iStudyCRM are that it saves effort and costs, raise the level of work efficiency, provides for easy system management and quick import and export data to desktop. Moreover, iStudyCRM provides around the clock service thus promoting student care, since it lets you access your work from anywhere, at any time, using any Internet-connected device.

The best part of the CRM system is that it allows multiple users at a time, providing you with an accurate view of every transaction that took place between the employees of the company and the students in the form of reports and statistics.

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