How can iStudyCRM manage your students applications carefully
30 Nov / 2020

How can iStudyCRM manage your students applications carefully

By Trevis

If you are an educational consultancy agency, you will have to work with applications from dozens of students at once. You should pay individual attention to each and every application. There is no possibility available for you to make a mistake with the applications. That’s why you should think about getting the best CRM.

You can deliver an enhanced experience to all the students who apply to universities. That's because you can keep your students informed about the progress and you will be able to provide them with quick responses based on their preferences. If you are looking for such an effective CRM, you may take a look at iStudyCRM.

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The stages of implementing customer relationship management 

Students would approach your education agency and ask for more information about the services that you offer. In most of the instances, students don’t have a clear understanding of the courses and universities available out there to apply. Hence, you should extract information from the students, such as their previous educational qualifications and the preferences that they have. You will not be able to remember all these. This is where you should include them in a customer relationship management tool.

Upon creating a profile on iStudyCRM, you can upload all student information to it. Then you can move the student through different stages of the application process, such as preparing documents, sending the application letters to the universities, getting acceptance, preparation of visa and all other associated steps. The CRM you pick for your education agency will be able to help you with moving the student through these stages, without getting distracted.

How student databases save and help provide accurate information? 

All the student information and university-specific information will be stored in the iStudyCRM database. Whenever you want to update a student, you just need to take a look at the database and provide appropriate information. There is no need to remember everything and inform the students, which will make you end up with committing mistakes. Since all accurate information is stored within the customer relationship management (CRM), you can keep on delivering accurate information to the students who apply to universities at all times.

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How databases of universities and educational centres can help us apply in a quick and easy way 

When there are databases of universities of educational centres and universities, it is possible to create student profiles and forward the applications to multiple universities. This method helps to reduce data redundancy. In other words, a single student profile can be used for the applications. This can help all the students who apply to universities with getting their applications sent to the universities in an effective manner. They don’t have to work a lot on the individual applications.

On the other hand, quick responses can be obtained from the universities and students can be informed accordingly. 

If you have an education agency that applies to universities and you are looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) that offers all these functionalities, you should take a look at iStudyCRM. It is one of the best CRM platforms available out there as of now.

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