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About Us

iStudyCRM is an online customer relationship management system designed specifically for agents providing educational consultancy and helping students to studying abroad. A user-friendly and cost-effective software solution that delivers solid business value to educational agencies of all sizes.

iStudyCRM helps maximize your time, improve staff efficiency, improve student satisfaction, and convert more leads into business.

With the free starter pack offered to all our new prospective educational agencies, discover the benefits of iStudyCRM for yourself – Try it now!

Cloud Services

iStudyCRM is fully Cloud-Based which means that the users can enter data and access reports from anywhere in the world.

With iStudyCRM managing all your business process such as students, leads and applications, educational institutions, forecasting, analytics, contact management, notifications become smooth and efficient. iStudyCRM creates a powerful workflow to streamline your business.

Lead Integration

By integrating your website and social media platforms with iStudyCRM, leads will get directly saved into the system which ensures there is no data loss.

Furthermore, leads generated from all your marketing activities such as education fairs, school visits etc can be integrated with one form into the system.

Student Application Management

iStudyCRM manages and organises the information of each and every student. Detailed analysis of each student is possible through various reports. Manage and monitor student follow up to maximize your enrolment conversion rate.

iStudyCRM is the centralized database for all kind of student’s documents such as application forms, student documents, offer letters and visa letters.

Performance Management

Most important is the conversion ratio analysis, which gives an insight into the performance of your team members. Simply by a click of a button, you can view team analysis, lead analysis, student analysis and much more.

Eliminate the possibility of inaccurate data and improve your business forecast with the precise reports generated by iStudyCRM. Assign different level of permissions to multiple users hence security can be maintained.

Email & SMS Integration

Save your time and minimize email drafting errors, iStudyCRM has the flexibility of creating various predefined email templates.

The system can send text and reminders to the students. Automated message sending feature keeps your team well informed to make the right decisions at the right time.

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